PVC Outdoor Camping Water Bags Container

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Non-toxic food grade with no BPA, PVC, or DEHP.

Made with environment-friendly premium PET PA PE plastics.

It’s soft, flexible, odorless, tasteless.

Most durable & reusable.

Item Type: Drinking Water Bag
Material: PVC
Color: Blue
Quantity: 1pc
Mode: 5L/10L
Folding size: 10.5 x 30.5cm/4.1 x 12.0”, 14 x 38cm/5.5 x 14.9”
Size: 32.7 x 30.5cm/12.9 x 12.0” , 41 x 37.5cm/16.1 x 14.7”




Weight 86.0 g
Dimensions 105 × 305 × 50 mm

5L, 10L

203 reviews for PVC Outdoor Camping Water Bags Container

  1. R***r

    Best canisters. Nice shop. Thank you all.

  2. F***z

    Looks good and looks tough.

  3. A***a

    Received and ongoing experience and the seller is very fast to send

  4. S***b


  5. L***a

    Fast delivery and the product as described. Satisfied. Recommend

  6. S***i

    The product corresponds to the description. A little more than it seems. Looks quality and strong. It was a month and a half. Rncommandoy store

    no remark no remark

  7. G***n

    There was a question, the seller decided

  8. E***h

    It came fast. Packed well. Poured water, enters enough, but the container is unstable. Took for nature trips. But how else to put in the car I do not know yet.

  9. E***o

    The bottle is good but the goods came without a lid (

  10. A***M


  11. R***r

    Came fast, hasn't tried yet, no visible damage.

    no remark

  12. Y***y

    Thank you!

  13. S***y

    Goods delivered

  14. I***n

    Conforms to the description

  15. V***v

    I haven't tried it yet. Looks like norms.

  16. D***v


  17. A***y

    4.5 liters. but it's ok

  18. A***v

    The canister is cool, took in the car instead of plastic hard and voluminous (for gasoline), suddenly when it is useful to carry gasoline)))

  19. R***r

    Ordered 5L package. The description says that it holds 5L of water, but in fact it holds 4L. Not critical of course, but the description does not quite correspond to reality

  20. V***n

    Everything corresponds to the description. Does not flow

  21. A***a

    Convenient, a little later I'll write what will happen if I pour-does not leak

  22. M***a

    Delivery to Peter less than a month in one large package at once several orders. We haven't used the case yet. It looks strong…

  23. R***s


  24. E***a

    Fast shipment. Delivery in time.
    A good and comfortable bag. No smell.
    Water holds, it is convenient to pour and pour.
    Thank you. Recommend.

  25. N***O

    Good packages. Thank you

  26. L***a

    There is no seller sent quickly. Not yet used

  27. T***a

    In the case did not try, looks dense, light smell, I think, will fade

  28. U***r

    Received, checked, light smell is present, does not flow, I recommend

  29. A***v

    Good canister
    Like durable, liter about 5 liters
    Slightly we will add a tip, quickly Krasnodar came.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  30. I***v


  31. U***r

    Got it. thank you.

  32. A***n

    Everything can be ordered perfectly! I put 5 fat!

  33. T***o

    It's been a month before the Urals. Plastic is dense, does not leak. Holds a little less than 5 liters, the cork fits tightly, the handle with a full fill in the hand does not stick. Good Goods.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  34. T***o

    Not quite 10 liters, but more and no need, otherwise the handle will stick into the hand. Plastic dense

  35. U***r

    The parcel came quickly. I hope it will last a long time.

    no remark no remark

  36. I***k

    Nibi is fine, ale is not here 10 літрів

  37. D***v

    Excellent product not the first time I take

  38. A***o

    Excellent canister plastic has no smell

  39. A***s

    Looks good for now.

    no remark

  40. J***S

    all ok

  41. W***a


  42. N***i

    One of the bags was cracked but my money was returned. The ones that are not broken perform their function.

    no remark no remark no remark

  43. K***m

    I got the urun delivered

  44. A***E

    Labai sulankstytas

  45. V***n

    Extremely long delivery to Omsk-42 days. It came whole, water holds. The capacity also corresponds to the order of 10L.

  46. G***a

    It has not been possible to take full care of it yet. Poured/poured water, the lid does not leak, there are no holes. Upon receipt there were some problems due to incorrect tracking number, with grief in half found the correct number.

  47. A***z

    Perfect great quality

  48. V***v

    Capacity is more for emergency. Holds water. The neck is more than on plastic bottles. about the reusable to say difficult. In general, the thing is not bad.

  49. Y***a

    Convenient piece especially for machine, hiking and other things, and unlike the usual five-year-old does not take up much space. The order was a month.

  50. B***n


  51. L***S

    Conform to the description

  52. I***r

    very good

  53. R***s


  54. L***v

    Пришло два пакета, целые. Выглядят добротно, еще не пользовались.

  55. A***v

    Tried, the water does not leak, but in the field has not yet experienced) but like a normal thing

    no remark

  56. J***u

    Good quality, completely folded and does not occupy sitoo

  57. Y***v

    Good qulity

  58. D***

    Track wasn't tracked. The package does not let water pass. I'll check in the campaign-I'll Unsubscribe

    no remark no remark

  59. D***a

    Igual que en la imagen. Ocupa muy poco en la mochila. Buena calidad.

  60. K***t

    very happy with the product

  61. Y***v

    Заказ пришёл, качество отличное.

  62. U***u

    товар прибыл в срок продавца рекомендую все соответствует описанию проверил спайка норм

    no remark

  63. N***a

    Quickly, as in the photo. Visually less than 10 liters.

  64. E***o


  65. N***h

    Durable good packages

  66. D***e

    Very good, very practical

  67. S***m

    приїхав швидко, цілий, відповідає опису.

    no remark

  68. S***s

    ок) по виду крепкие… запаха пластика нету…

  69. R***n


  70. V***o

    Excellent canisters, I take not the first time! One wife was killed, stuck out of the backpack, and the elevator was locked with doors, dragged 15 floors, as a result, 2 holes! Do not try to push this canister between a moving elevator and a mine!

    no remark no remark

  71. P***o

    Buena calidad buenísimo para irse de viaje

  72. D***d

    While smells inside (((I do not know if I can
    Use under water

  73. A***w

    Is OK

  74. A***v

    Спасибо. Отличто хорошие и компактные емкости для воды. В дальнем пешем походе от жажды не погибну.

  75. A***n

    A couple of trips to nature already stood a bucket-package, everything is fine

  76. M***n

    Correspond to the description. The material is like durable, the main thing is to protect from sharp objects.

  77. M***m

    Will test when we go camping in a month .

  78. A***v


  79. M***a

    I bought it for my son. I liked it. Delivery fast 25 days to Moscow.

    no remark

  80. M***a

    I bought it for my son. I liked it. Delivery fast 25 days to Moscow.

    no remark

  81. E***v

    все здорово, все отлично

  82. D***i

    протестировал в походе, хорошая тара, но объём чуть меньше заявленного

  83. D***i

    объём меньше заявленного, а так протестировал в походе, всё хорошо

  84. *.

    Внешне хорошая. В деле как попробую, дополню отзыв

  85. V***v

    широкая горловина , прочный пластик , отсутствует неприятный запах и привкус

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  86. S***n

    Бутылки пришли довольно быстро, все целое и невредимое, продавцу спасибо

    no remark

  87. M***g

    Perfect for camping, simply do not drop then bursts it.

  88. G***r


  89. F***i

    fast delivery

  90. D***o

    все хорошо все нормально, но не практично в использовании , с подкрана набрать норм с речки набрать не реально.

  91. E***a

    Всё дошло, претензий нет. Благодарю, рекомендую товар

    no remark

  92. N***v

    Товар на вид качественный, пластик репкий, спайка широкая. Скоро проверим как он в походе. При откручивании крышки резкого и постороннего запаха небыло.

  93. O***a

    Шло с начала мая. Пришло. Норм выглядит

    no remark

  94. A***v

    Товар соответствует описанию. Пришла посылка до СПб за месяц

  95. V***v

    5 литров держит отличнодля походов самое оно

  96. A***n

    очень клёво

    no remark

  97. O***n

    Хорошая канистра в походы. Крепкий материал, сделан добротно. Пришло очень быстро. Продавцу возможно следует упаковывать товар используя какой либо мягкий вспененный материал на местах сгибов. Дыр пока нет, но думаю это вопрос времени.

    no remark

  98. J***a

    se ve calidad precio muy bien! contento!

  99. R***r

    Канистра хорошая, сделана качественно, крышка с горлом большая, удобно наливать. Приехала уже дырявая на сгибе, проткнули во время транспортировки, не заклеить. Сдела из ПЭТ. Открыл спор, деньги вернули. Буду заказывать следующую. Продец быстро отправил товар, шла посылка на урал 3 недели.

    no remark

  100. E***e

    не проверял но выглядит отлично…шло правда долго

    no remark no remark

  101. T***n

    Заказал 3 августа, получил в СПб 22 августа, купил за 252, 22руб. Пакет большой, без запаха, но лучше промыть и просушить. Как в описании.

  102. A***n

    Классно, добротно. Трек не отслеживался почему-то, шёл достаточно долго. Есть небольшой запах пластика, но надеюсь выветрится. Как использую- дополню отзыв.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  103. M***n

    Thank you for the amazing product and very good price

  104. S***n

    It is perfect. Just what I wanted and as
    described in the listing. Durable and well made. Whoop whoop whoop! Thank you.

  105. L***v

    Доставка месяц. Удобно нести. С водой стоят, не падают, не проникают.

  106. Y***v

    вроде хорошая бутылка

  107. S***s

    good canister. not leaks

  108. D***v

    Вроди нормальная сумка.

  109. D***v

    Вроди нормальная сумка

  110. A***Z

    Llegó rápido.
    como en la descripción hecha por el vendedor.
    No se escapa agua!

    no remark

  111. G***k

    продавец ваще супер, посылка пришла очень быстро за 25 дней в Казахстан

  112. R***r

    Качество неплохое, но долгая доставка.
    Плюс у отправки не было трекера.

  113. S***v

    не отслеживалось в приложении, но приобретение отличное

  114. P***E

    es tal y cómo se describe la única duda que tengo es de que el plástico sea apto para contener agua para consumo, ya que no pone nada al respecto y el interior huele bastante fuerte.

  115. F***a

    Pratique pour le camping , merci

  116. D***v

    не пахнет, не дырявая, насколько практично покажет время, в руке удобно

  117. A***e

    упал с 30 см высоты с водой потёк!

  118. N***r

    The Product is good. But the packing was not good. I ordered two water bags and one got damaged due to wrong packing.

  119. M***y

    good for water, not sure if bpa free
    great for camping.

    no remark

  120. S***a

    здравствуйте, очень точное описание
    товаром остались довольны продавцу большое спасибо всего наилучшего и хороших продаж

    no remark

  121. S***v

    Заказ пришел быстро. Я доволен. Спасибо продавцу.

  122. G***r

    Спасибо получил товар.

    no remark

  123. R***r

    Отличная канистра для воды. Уже жду когда смогу применить на природе. Товар приехал быстро, за пару недель. Всем рекомендую.

  124. D***v

    пришло за две недели. всё в порядке, продавца рекомендую. спасибо!

  125. B***r

    thank you 🙂

  126. A***v

    отличное ведро, довольно толстый пластик, если его не складывать каждый раз, то думаю прослужит долго, очень удобная заливная горловина с крышкой и ручка вполне себе надежно сделана. Брал для автомойки, чтобы мыть машину в полевых условиях прямо из ведра.

  127. E***o

    хорошие пакеты, единственное, продавец плохо упаковал товар, и один пакет протерся до дырки, деньги вернули, доставка относительно быстро.

    no remark no remark no remark

  128. S***i


  129. S***l


  130. I***o

    хорошая канистра, брала доя походов на шашлык)

  131. M***i

    Упаковка – простой пакет. Доставка в Киев 22 дня. Пришло все целое. Качество отличное. Все ОК.

  132. U***e

    Повністю відповідає опису, доставка в термін і новою поштою, що приємно. у поході ще не пробувала, але виглядає міцно і якісно. рекомендую!

  133. M***Z

    rien a redire..

  134. F***f

    Супер качество !!!

  135. R***r

    Дошло быстро, отличная вещь, воду держит, в е прекрасно, спасибо продавцу

  136. U***z

    Thank you For Your Product it's good

  137. R***K

    good quality , super fast shipment . Thanks

  138. V***a

    Perfecto y rapidísimo

  139. T***v


  140. J***o

    El plástico se ve resistente,me gusta mucho

    no remark no remark

  141. I***V

    удобно.возить в авто

  142. V***n

    Товар качественный, вроде крепкий…но не на 5 литров, где-то 4,5. Имеет сильный запах клея, после мойки исчезает

    no remark no remark no remark

  143. M***r

    great value

    no remark

  144. M***m

    хорошее качество , не воняет , плотный материал ..и даже стоит на поверхности ..

    no remark no remark no remark

  145. E***r

    lo que se anuncia

  146. S***v

    Спасибо за товар.Всё отлично,рекомендую!

    no remark

  147. J***k


  148. D***o

    For a very long time there was a parcel. The seller asked to wait and extend the term. The package was folded several times. In the field of the fold there are complaints, I hope there will be no.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  149. P***a

    All as in the description. 5 out of 5

  150. P***p

    It's come, let's test!, and the pltom will complement the review!

    no remark

  151. P***i

    Comodissimo, board

    no remark no remark no remark

  152. S***n


  153. S***v

    The parcel came earlier. The quality of the goods is satisfied. Seller recommend.

  154. I***a

    Hope will last long

  155. V***a

    The quality is excellent, on the road an indispensable thing, I recommend to everyone 5 ++++++++++.

  156. M***i

    All Super

  157. D***i

    Nice thing!

  158. A***i


  159. V***a

    Tara arrived when she didn't have to.

  160. F***e

    Item as described fast shipping everything perfect!

    no remark

  161. D***n

    Super invention!!!

  162. A***v

    Everything is fine and as in the description.

  163. D***k

    Not delivered

  164. J***e

    a month and a half to Lithuania

  165. M***o

    Everything's fine. I had to use it for my purpose and not only. With frequent folding can burst on the fold, harsh.

    no remark

  166. I***c

    I don't know, why I buy it for???

  167. I***a

    Thank you! It's okay.

  168. M***a

    All OK.

  169. P***a

    It has already been received but I have not tried water.

  170. J***i

    As described. Hadn't checked the volume, but it seems fine.

  171. E***y

    Haven’t used yet, but looks great!

  172. I***a

    It's fine.

  173. V***o

    From frequent surges. It will break.

  174. M***n

    All OK

  175. V***z

    Fast and as described

  176. T***s

    Came quickly, straight for a week in appearance tightly in the case was not able to check

  177. E***A

    Very good

  178. N***n

    The goods did not reach the destination after 3 months, the seller extended the waiting period, but without questions returned the money

  179. I***r

    Delivery is super long. I already buried this parcel, but no, the birth came. Water holds, the lid is good. At first glance, the plastic is strong. An indispensable thing for a gait. I recommend sold, only spare with patience for waiting for the daughter. All good shopping.

    no remark

  180. E***z

    It doesn't leak and it is very compact when stored. Very nice water storage for travel, camping or even emergencies I guess.

  181. E***A

    Very good fast delivery

  182. S***v

    Thank you very much to the seller!!! The product corresponds to the description!!!

    no remark no remark

  183. P***r

    Leak-proof, lightweight, wearable.

  184. M***h

    Great product. For tourism, the right thing

  185. P***l


  186. S***a

    I was wondering for a better finish of the glued parts of the bag

  187. L***o

    Tough after tests

  188. A***o

    I take it not a floor once a second

  189. D***o

    I came in a month. Very dense plastic. Not yet.

  190. M***m

    Excellent davolen

    no remark

  191. M***z

    Yes this is however a plan for the Fast and the of Varta

  192. E***r

    Fast shipping and in perfect condition

  193. S***i

    Such as description and plastic reinforced useful for trips

    no remark

  194. O***v

    15.09 to 22.10 in the Nikolaev region. Long of course but came. Like water. I'll try to work.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  195. K***k

    Ordered did not come opened dispute the next day money returned sorry goods

  196. D***v

    This is commodity now, but when You are able to destroy the bag in 2-3 years of active outdoor usage, You will really appreciate it. Great thanks to Manufacturer, Trader, Ali, and each Post Office on the way!

  197. A***a

    Packages are dense, have not yet been in business

  198. A***a

    Packages are dense, in the case did not stay

  199. J***z

    Good to go camping

  200. S***l

    A great thing for trips to nature!

    no remark

  201. A***y

    Corresponds to the description. There is no marriage, life will show
    It was about 1 month before Yekaterinburg.

  202. W***k

    very good

  203. C***s

    good product, thank Rome italy

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