Power Blaster Hose Nozzle



Tired of weak garden hoses that leak all the time? Water flow not strong enough to clean dirty surfaces?

This Power Spray Hose Nozzle is the solution to your problem! Turns every drop of water into a strong and pressurized one while keeping a thrifty liquid flow!

No more wasted water with its adjustable nozzle feature! A very great nozzle innovation that will clear away any dirt and grime with ease!

Five mode spray settings

Ergonomic handle

High-grade stainless steel

Aircraft-grade aluminum

Reinforced nylon and soft rubber


  • Water Efficient – Enhances pressure even with the slightest turn of the faucet. Different nozzle settings allow you to easily adjust it depending on your watering needs.
  • Easy Adjustable Nozzle – Just turn the nozzle and experience a wide variety of settings ranging from soft and wide mists that work best for gardening up to full-force water pressure for cleaning purposes.
  • Powerful and Ergonomic – Increases water pressure way better than your normal hose! Very powerful yet still manageable thanks to its separated handle design.
  • User-Friendly – It can handle different cleaning needs and watering tasks! Very easy to install, remove, and use. Suitable for a carwash, watering your lawn, and even cleaning your deck or driveway.


Material: ABS+TFR+ aluminum alloy

Color: Black

Product size: 23 x 6.5 x 11cm

Fits standard 5/8″ hoses



Weight 331.00 g
Dimensions 230 mm


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