Cob LED Headlamp Built-in Battery (Waterproof)

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Super bright,1 high-performance COB LED light bulb gives you the brighter illumination to 100,000 hours.

3 lighting modes, the unique design of white light and red light flashing alternately illumination modes.

Suitable for any circumstances, red light/ white light and red light flashing alternately can be used as a warning function.

When using it, it’s very conspicuous in the dark, especially at night, you can easily see anything. It’s a very great product for camping, hiking, fishing, working, and adventure.

Adjustable headband, comfortable and safe material, you could adjust it as you like.

There’s a built-in battery in the headlamp so that you don’t need to buy a battery especially for it.

A powerful 1800mAh built-in battery extends the headlight life, it’s very convenient for you to use it directly.

Micro USB charging mode, it will be fully charged from any USB port.

The headlight is packed in high quality, with great packaging, which’s the best gift for your friends and family!


Power source: Battery.
Power: 5W.
Light source form: LED.
Applicable environment: Hiking, camping, self-defense, search, hunting, daily carrying, night riding, caving, night fishing, patrol.
The number of boxes: 120.
Power generation method: Hand pressure.
Maximum range: Below 50 meters.
Color: Headlight + USB cable + packing box.

What’s in the Package: 1 x Headlamp.

Weight 127.00 g
Dimensions 112 × 109 × 53 mm


33 reviews for Cob LED Headlamp Built-in Battery (Waterproof)

  1. M***a

    I got the parcel in my hand. Its outfit has no tear, no wet. I opened it. There were surely pieces of items without traffic problem. They seems work fine in short time testing. Thank you for your rapidly shipping.

  2. Y***o

    Came quickly, completely discharged. Charged, everything works. The light is bright and uniform. For reading Super. Of the minuses-it burns simultaneously both in front and behind, there is no separate option of inclusion. And in general, the back of the light is not usually necessary.

  3. A***r

    The lantern is good. it was three weeks before Ryazan. It shines well for electricians of auto mechanics and similar professions the most it. the room of 12 meters lights well. The only negative is the wire coming from the back block to the LED strip it is shorter than the head band and when dressing on the head the side where the wire is held on the wire and not if you dress like a cap without a pull on your head, in principle, everything is normal the wire does not break and does not hold badly

  4. N***t

    Bright enough for use in night runs in areas that are dark. However the blink function is more disruptive then help as it is bright and the eyes cannot adjust fast enough between bright and dark.

  5. A***k


  6. K***h

    Отличный фонарь, единственное, световой поток направлен перпендикулярно лбу что не очень удобно при работе на столе (приходится наклонять голову ниже а глаза выше).

  7. S***v

    Thank you very much
    Lovely product
    Shines very bright
    Quality is also good
    I will take more, for the family
    Good luck to you

  8. N***C


  9. W***O

    Good good good good

  10. D***z

    Perfect necklace for me garganita

    no remark

  11. P***n

    Looks good. We'll see how long it lasts.

  12. Y***v

    "Super bright" is, of course, very, very loud said. 🙂 at the table you can work, well, for a couple of meters on the street. From the battery to the lamp, the wire goes without a loop, as a result, the elastic band stretches, and the entire load falls on the wire, which can be "porous ous tr The seller knows this, and in places where the wire leaves the power supply, and from the switch dropped a couple of drops of glue …. Not yet. But the disassembly became difficult-it is necessary to be careful in the place of the rivet, so as not to delay the plastic boxes. The battery is lithium, but it is sealed in the case, and to replace it you need to disassemble the block, and solder a new one. I took for Walking with Dogs at night, but I will have to look for another-there is little light! It's not bad to go to saraik. You don't have to turn your head around. In general, looking for what to use… In principle, light, I do not feel on my head.

  13. R***a

    Very bright. The back piece hurts a bit but its okay.

  14. T***a

    Bright ribbon, more convenient than Lantern

  15. M***m

    works great, is as expected

    would be great if the lines were a little longer, because I pimped my helmet with this light and the red (back) light is now at the site

  16. K***L

    Great thing. The light is soft, diffused, just under any needlework. Light, on the head does not feel at all. Let's see how to operate. Discharges slowly.
    Now it's important. Who does not want to have problems with delivery, do not use "5Post". Sucks service. Russian Post will seem perfect!

  17. O***E

    Good lighting for DIY at home.
    Outdoor, not powerful enough and very blind for people around

  18. I***r

    I bought it for the second time and gave it to my son, which is a good product!

  19. V***y

    Very compact light dissipation lamp. very light. packed in a branded box with a zipper. complete with charging with a cord. battery built-in. excellent flashlight!

  20. P***h

    When the wire is torn over the head, the short Bar

  21. J***u

    Close to that person for ten Okey
    Night in the saw much light is okey

  22. Y***o

    Ordered 30.03 received 05.04 no words))) excellent lantern, convenient to read the book in the dark… I take the second one, the first one was immediately selected for a gift)

  23. C***M


  24. C***s

    Nice and bright, fits well on me.

  25. G***g

    In principle, the flashlight is not bad, but I expected brighter.

  26. A***i


  27. E***v

    The lamp is working, has three glow modes, bright, moderate and flashing. For evening runs just right!

  28. D***s

    Works very well. Good quality apparently. Thank you

  29. M***l

    The order was received and the same is required

  30. P***k

    Article received in 1 weeks!!
    Looks like g ordered. I have not had time to test it yet

  31. V***v

    Доставлено за 60 дней в Алмату. Упаковано хорошо. Описанию соответствует. Пришло заряженным на 56%

  32. A***n

    Not a bad toy but expensive

  33. M***q


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