Squeeze Food Station for Baby


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A perfect gift for new parents,  the baby food squeeze station was designed to be very easy to use, very easy to clean, and have as few parts as possible to clean and keep track of. The station is perfect for making baby food on the go or for just a quick and simple meal at home.

How to use: 

Start by preparing the squeeze station by inserting the pouches into their designated areas on the station, then twist the filling tubes onto the top of the station connecting them to each designated pouch below them. You can then blend or mash up your fruit, vegetables, or whatever ingredients you’d like to make into a puree, and then pour it into each of the filling tubes atop the station.

Next, use the press to push the puree down the tubes and squeeze them into the pouches below. If you filled each tube up, it will provide the perfect amount of puree to fill each pouch. Once done with the press, just remove each pouch and cap them to ensure it stays fresh and nothing spills out. You can then label each pouch with the date and ingredients used, and place them into the fridge or freezer, or feed them to your children right away.

Your kid can eat the puree right from the pouch, you can squeeze the pouches into a feeding spoon, or use our spoon so you can squeeze it directly into a connected feeding spoon.



Weight 25.00 g
Dimensions 350 × 300 × 100 mm

Set 2, Machine10pcs & Spoon, 1 station & 50 pouches, 50 pouches, Set 1, Set 3


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