Acupuncture Massage Yoga Mat With Pillow

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“Your body cells are the foundation of your life. They take in nutrients from food and break them down effectively, keeping us healthy from harmful diseases. However, our body cells can gradually deteriorate as we grow older. Aging cells have shown to be the leading cause of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease…”
-Dr. Ivan Kuznetsov

Deep stimulation from our acupuncture mat releases endorphins to naturally reduce aches and tension, promoting complete restoration throughout the body. Revitalize your cells to discover your very own “Fountain of Youth”.

In just 10 minutes a day, this mat can provide:
☑️ Instant Pain Relief
☑️ Full-Body Tension Release
☑️ Improved Blood Flow
☑️ Reduced Numbness


More with Acupuncture Mat:

☑️ The Next Time Your Legs Go Numb
Grab the mat and sit right on top of the pins. It might feel “hot” at first. Your blood flow, excited, draws your body’s attention and natural healing properties toward the affected area. Your legs quickly regain feeling. Continued usage reopens blood pathways and prevents future numbing.


☑️ When You Have A Headache
Standing on the mat for just 10 minutes can make a world of difference. Let the lotus pins work the pressure points in your feet. Massaging these points sends waves of relief to your brain, easing headaches. Migraines, stress, and anxiety can all be managed within a few sessions.


Is our Acupuncture Mat for you?

☑️ Enjoy ultimate relaxation for deeper, more restful sleep.
☑️ Rediscover effortless, pain-free movement.
☑️ Renew your energy and boost cognitive function.
☑️ Save time and money by eliminating the need for chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncture. professionals.


What’s in the Package:
1 x Massage Cushion
1 x Massage Pillow
1 x Storage Bag




Weight 210.00 g
Dimensions 400 × 230 × 30 mm
Color Set

Pink 3piece suit, Green 3piece suit, Purple 3piece suit, Blue 3piece suit, Grey 3piece suit, Black 3piece suit

183 reviews for Acupuncture Massage Yoga Mat With Pillow

  1. M***y

    The MAT went long. Almost 60 days. Made qualitatively. You can wash the outer case. We will be treated

    no remark no remark

  2. M***a

    Very good!!

  3. S***s

    Great set! Lotus is really stinging, for the first time with unusual feeling and really sharp. Arrived in Rostov-on-Don very quickly, 1.05 sent, 12.05 took in the mail. Recommend!

    no remark no remark no remark

  4. M***m

    The goods were delivered very quickly, in 10 days. Quality and seams are excellent. Recommend!

    no remark

  5. Z***k

    Thank you. Arrived fast, the quality is good. recommend

    no remark

  6. A***o

    Corresponds to the description, as in fact not checked the take for the wife, the quality without any harm, until I recommend!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  7. O***a

    Super thing!!!! In Moscow in 23 days came! Excellent quality! No smell, no thread sticking out, in the case. I'm very happy.

  8. S***o

    Arrived very fast, 6 days, all as in the description, the quality is good, no smell

  9. E***e

    The product is quality, the seller communicated through messages. Delivery 2,5 weeks, everything reached in good condition on mail. No smell, the fabric is quality, everything is sewn smoothly, the threads are not stuck, the needles are glued, hold well, there are no traces of glue.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  10. T***.


    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  11. N***o

    It's fine. Delivery by courier. Recommend!!!

  12. U***r

    Wish they had come with a how to use manual

  13. I***a

    Conforms to the description

    no remark

  14. E***a

    Arrived very quickly in the suburbs of Irkutsk, in 3 weeks. Cushion comfortable, lying nice. The blood spreads, after a long sedentary work, that's what it is. Recommend it.

  15. D***v

    Reached Saratov in 21 days, the track was tracked partially, everything is fine, the cushion with spikes on the syntipoon has a zipper so that you can always change it, the mat also on the syntipoon at the bottom is made on Velcro which also allows it to be easily changed, but for me there is one serious minus, themselves Spikes are not sharp enough and long, I have a homemade mat with spikes that has been for three years (spikes for this mat bought from my city in a pharmacy) so here are these spikes a little longer and sharper (even though he's already three Year spikes on it is still sharper) than the spikes on the custom mat, I will not say that they are completely stupid but still not what I needed. So summarizing I can say that the seller and the store recommend, but the sharp spikes swung, take into account this when Order.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  16. E***a

    The order reached weeks in 2. FullLife corresponds to the description. Zipper pad, Velcro pad. Spikes are not particularly sharp, so for beginners there will be no shock, hold tight. Under the neck, the roller is perfectly placed. The order is satisfied.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  17. T***n

    Very unhappy with the quality! The pillow is soft, its function does not perform. Sewn well, but all some "Chinese". I think that my money is not worth it

  18. P***k

    It's fine!

  19. R***r

    Great mat! Nothing worse than the famous pranamat! Maybe a little less! For comparison I apply photos. Came in a black case, which is very convenient for storage. Ordered 27.04, all 22.05 came. Just less than a month! Completely satisfied, with the seller did not communicate, the track is tracked

    no remark

  20. L***a

    Good quality, fast delivery. Perfect. Thank you!)

  21. M***a

    The goods came literally in a week. The quality is excellent, everything matches the description. The needles are all smooth. Tried to lie down a little, I liked it.

  22. D***a

    The quality is good! But I would like needles sharper) waiting for Moscow 1 month.

  23. A***a

    With the mat everything is fine, came the right color, with the case. No defects, everything is sewn smoothly, the spikes are sharp and located evenly and smoothly, the covers are removed.

    no remark

  24. V***v

    All right, ordered his wife, she was delighted, came fast. Recommend!!!

  25. N***a

    Everything is fine, good thing

    no remark

  26. O***a

    Received it in 17 days. The quality is normal. You can take off and wash. Inside the foam. Better take it with the case. So convenient to store. In the photo next to the original applicator Kuznetsov.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  27. I***v

    Good mat, medium stiffness.

  28. V***a

    The mat is made very neat, there are no claims for quality. Seller sent the goods quickly, delivery-3 weeks. I could not walk on the mat, it hurts very much, but lying with a cushion under the neck-very nice. Back and neck really hurt less

  29. A***e

    The mat liked, with my husband use every day, he massages the back, I cellulite))) then everything burns

    no remark

  30. S***a

    Good quality! Everything is removed, you can wash, the needles are well attached!

  31. K***a


  32. M***a

    Fast delivery, excellent quality

  33. S***s

    The goods are very high quality! Come fast enough! I advise everyone!

  34. C***g

    Good product

  35. E***a

    She is exactly the same as in the photo! She's perfect! And on ozone costs 2 times more! I'm very happy!

  36. O***a

    Good mat Kuznetsova

    no remark no remark

  37. G***r

    Before Mo went 3 weeks. Mat and pillow in the case.

  38. M***r

    Very good product and well packed

  39. R***c

    The mat is good, the cover was cut (

  40. Y***a

    Mat and pillow are cool, the things are sharp. I have not tried it yet, but I already feel that it will be cool to me) I'm very happy with the order. Covers on the mat and on the pillow are removable

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  41. R***r

    Bought on recommendation, very satisfied! Recommend.

  42. G***g

    The mats with the bag in the parcel were wet. Probably something processed. I will wash. And so everything is whole, thank you!

    no remark

  43. R***r

    Everything is super, I advise everyone, the quality is worthy for this price, the store or pharmacy sells almost the same set more expensive by 1000.

  44. M***e

    Beautiful …. and it really looks effective… thank you very much…

  45. P***a

    Good prickly. Satisfied

    no remark no remark no remark

  46. A***a

    Very good mat

  47. A***n

    Excellent mat, standard size, soft, moderately sharp. There was a different kind of plastic, it was sharper.

    no remark

  48. B***b

    With the seller did not communicate, the goods came 4 weeks before Minsk. Very well made, nothing sticks out, covers are removed for washing.

  49. I***k

    Express shipping, good quality, recommended!

    no remark

  50. G***g

    All as in the description

  51. E***a


    no remark

  52. A***a

    Lovely rug! The needles are sharp. The mat takes up little space in the case

  53. N***s

    Paint quite a bit but you get used to it and it relieves!

  54. S***v

    The parcel went a little more than a month. Wife is happy,

  55. A***o

    An excellent applicator, this is really the right massager for any person with back pain or just to relieve stress. On the parcel only the last name was not indicated, on the Mail the woman grumbled)

    no remark no remark no remark

  56. A***a

    The kits came safe and safe. The description is consistent. No smell. Happy with the purchase. Seller recommend.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  57. A***a

    The kits came safe and safe. The description is consistent. No smell. Happy with the purchase. Seller recommend

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  58. S***y

    Awesome amazing fast delivery! everything as ordered! nice price

  59. A***o

    Came quickly, everything is complete, very happy!

    no remark

  60. C***a

    24.05 ordered. 4.07 took it. Waited very long. Thank you for coming. The neck is happy. Ordered from another seller, goods in the Mail lost.

    no remark

  61. M***x

    He arrived in 3 weeks in Spain.
    I tried it and it's not bad;)

  62. A***s


  63. L***l

    The quality is good, it went 13 days to St. Petersburg, everything was very much liked

    no remark no remark

  64. R***r

    Super mat, very satisfied with the purchase, boldly take, good price and quality

  65. P***a

    Complete set, Cover + pillow + mat. Color matches. The quality is excellent, there is no smell. These flowers are not sewn, but apparently glued, but the glue is not visible! On the pillow there is a lock, on the Velcro mat. All the details of excellent quality, no complaints! The goods came to Krasnoyarsk in a month and one week.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  66. M***a

    In RB for 2,5 months, ordered at the end of April, came in the middle of July, a very cool rug, all covers are removed, you can wash, inside the password

  67. E***a

    коврик супер, доставка быстрая

  68. A***a

    Fully corresponds to the description. I write lying on it and I'm very good. Only for a very long time, but it was worth it.

  69. A***v

    Fine quality… Very pleased… I want to order another rug…

  70. O***n

    Everything is like in the description!

  71. K***a

    Nice thing. I want to order as a gift. Thank you)

  72. D***o

    I recommend it to everyone, it's really relieved my back pain and I just tried it, at first it's kind of annoying but you get used to the prick

    no remark

  73. M***v

    I came in my purse for storage. No smell. Discs with needles are not sewn, glued. Looks like all the rules. I thought it would be a little more, but this size is enough for me. The child already sat and lay on it. But, of course, you won't sit down, Colet. Later we'll add a tip.

    no remark no remark no remark

  74. V***

    All Super

  75. R***r

    Заказала 06.06.20, прибыл только 22.07.20. Дооолгая доставка(( С продавцом не общалась. Описание соответствует действительности. Почти. В сантиметрах маленько неточность. В целом качество норм, усе в комплекте: коврик, валик под шею и чехол. Запаха неприятного не имеет.

    no remark no remark no remark

  76. O***a

    на фото смотрится больше) тем не менее, отличная штука для снятия усталости

  77. V***v

    The goods are quality, I advise, on an amazing basis just perfect.

  78. A***a

    Good pillow, I'm happy.

  79. E***

    Качество на высоте. Но я бы добавила на месте продавца парочку запасных иголок. Ну это уже пожелание. Товаром я довольна

    no remark no remark

  80. O***a

    All as in the description, the goods are happy. Seller and recommend

    no remark

  81. A***a

    The quality is excellent! Recommend!

  82. M***k

    Fast Delivery

  83. I***n

    очень долгая доставка

  84. K***a

    I want to share my impressions. The habit was short, although if you touch your hands, the feelings were painful. I use a rug every day. I lie down for 10-20 minutes. Began to notice that there are pain in the lower back, although I use only a week. Quality pleasantly pleased. Needles are strong, convenient to use, I recommend to everyone. Waited for an order about a month.

    no remark no remark

  85. A***a

    Коврик отличный! Соответствует описанию.

  86. M***m

    Good item. Feel it helps

  87. R***s

    заказываю второй раз. Очень довольна! качественный товар.

  88. I***n

    Thank you. it was a month before Kirov Kirov region. It's 29.06.2020. In the Mail lost for 40 days. received 7.08. This is Russian mail. Corresponds to the description. the seller is excellent. Quickly sent.

  89. K***k

    Very good quality, it helps to avoid some spine pain if lay down on it for about 15-20 minutes. Thanks

  90. E***a

    Коврик супер, после стирки ничего не отлетело
    Отличные иголки, не ломаются. Но продавец отправлял долго

    no remark no remark

  91. E***e


  92. M***m

    szybka dostawa. wszystko ok. .polecam sprzedawcę.

    no remark no remark

  93. N***n

    zeer snelle verzending en degelijke kwaliteit

    no remark

  94. R***r

    Товар соответствует описанию. Сделано качественно, запаха нет, иголочки хорошие. Полежала уже 5 минут: тепло и спинка розовая) очень приятно и расслабляюще. Покупкой довольна. Посылка шла долго, но продавец отвечал на сообщения и просил набраться терпения, и беречь свое здоровье 5+

  95. A***a

    Посылка шла больше месяца, но сам коврик удивил качеством. Супер. Довольна. Благодарность продавцу

    no remark

  96. E***a

    все отлично. благодарю

    no remark

  97. M***n

    Замечательный массажёр (аппликатор). Доставка в СПб 38 дней. Колющая поверхность – 55*37 см., сам мат 65*40. Внутренний поролон можно снять, один край на липучках. Продавец хороший.

    no remark

  98. D***a

    Очень долгая доставка!!! 6 недель до Казани. Продавец на сообщения толком не отвечал.

  99. N***n

    Заказала 7.07 , пришла посылка 21.08. Коврик -огонь, все хорошо пришито, прошито, запаха нет. Заказала сразу набор с чехлом !!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  100. B***n

    До арх обл. Ехало 57 дней повисло в урумчи на 1месяц. Я доволен. Не пахнет. Иглы приклеены. Отправили игла и наружу, почта их не сломала. Упаковка плотный полиэтилен без пупырок. Сложен в 2 раза. Поролон можно поменять-на чехле есть застежки липучки. Петли не хватает чтоб вешать. Иглы не очень острые. И на российском лежать больнее тут не такие высокие. Но эффект будет. Замечательная штука!

    no remark

  101. V***v

    отличный комплект. брал для жены, она довольна. обратите внимание – размер коврика 42*64см. на фото кажется больше, но под спину в самый раз.

  102. T***a

    хороший коврик, шел 33 дня

  103. O***o

    Очень довольна покупкой. Доставка только долгая, но в России начала отслеживаться

  104. V***o


  105. A***n

    Шел примерно месяц
    все в отличном состоянии!
    аккуратно, ровно, без запаха.


    качество – отличное.

    no remark no remark

  106. O***a

    Все отлично, спасибо продавцу)

    no remark no remark no remark

  107. B***b

    Шла посылка почти 2 месяца, уже начала переживать, что всеее не видать коврика, продавец меня успокоил) хороший коврик и валик, в чехле, без запаха. рекомендую

  108. N***a

    как в описании спасибо

    no remark

  109. T***A

    Качество хорошее. Все аккуратно прошито.

    no remark no remark

  110. O***e

    great product

  111. R***r

    Качество хорошее. Запаха нет. Продавец отвечал на вопросы. Рекомендую.

  112. V***o

    всё клёво

  113. M***a

    Все отлично, хорошее качество. Единственный минус – коврик пришел немного грязным.

  114. O***a


    no remark no remark

  115. O***a


    no remark no remark

  116. V***o

    полежал 5 минут все хорошо – жив здоров:-))

  117. E***a

    Просто супер, не такой острый как наш советский … но лежать очень удобно . Взяла чёрный. Не имеет запаха взяла сразу 2 себе и свекрови

  118. L***l

    Conforme à la description, livraison rapide

    no remark no remark

  119. A***n

    Товар пришел целый, пока не пользовался. Продавца рекомендую. Упаковано отлично.С продавцом не общался

    no remark

  120. A***a

    Отлично. Не хуже пронамата, который по 15 тысяч продают и больше. Подушка для головы очень удобная. Приятно лежать

  121. A***h

    helps relieve back pain

  122. I***o

    Коврик отличный. Шла посылка очень долго. Товар рекомендую

  123. E***r

    очень долгая доставка, к качеству претензий нет, все прекрасно! иголочки не сильно острые.

  124. N***a

    Очень долгая доставка

  125. R***r

    Нормальный массажный коврик. Гибрид иппликатора Кузнецова и пранамата. Иголки острые, приклеены хорошо, чехол из х/б, снимается и с подушки, и с самого коврика. Внутри тонкий поролончик. Запаха нет. Сумка для хранения из плотной ткани, похожа на сумку для спальников. Функцию массажа выполняет хорошо. За 900 руб с небольшим отличное приобретение. Шёл чуть больше месяца, отслеживался. С продавцом не общалась.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  126. P***o

    отличный коврик, но шел слишком долго. внутри поролон, а сверху словно наволочка. единственный минус долгая доставка

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  127. Y***a

    Заказала 21.07.2020 получила 07.09.2020 не быстро( коврик как на картинке, лежать не пробовала с продавцом не общалась

    no remark

  128. A***S

    хороший коврик, с мягкой подкладкой внутри.

    no remark

  129. R***a

    Отличное качество, заказ шёл 1,5 месяца

  130. A***k

    Покупкой очень довольна! Коврик с подушкой шикарные! Все качественно сделано: на подушке (на молнии) и коврике (на липучках) съёмные чехлы, можно постирать. Внутри чехлов поролон. Чехлы сшиты очень аккуратно, без косяков, материал – плотный хлопок. Сами цветки достаточно острые, никаких сколов нет. Покупала маме в подарок, но обязательно закажу ещё себе и свекрови!) Доставка до Новосибирска 1,5 месяца. Однозначно рекомендую!

    no remark

  131. F***f

    son tan útiles como las que anuncian ciertas maestras de yoga a un precio alto, cumple con su función

  132. J***l

    3 Weeks, as on picture

  133. N***n

    Shipping from China to England two weeks. Prickles are sharp, a little unusual feeling on a large mat (different from Kuznetsov). I took two mats, the shade is different

    no remark no remark

  134. N***n

    Shipping from China to England two weeks. Prickles are sharp, a little unusual feeling on a large mat (different from Kuznetsov). I took two mats, the shade is different

    no remark no remark

  135. O***a

    Thank you seller. Very satisfied with the purchase. Before that, it was small, bought at the pharmacy. I had to move it all the time. Now I lie down before bedtime and all my back on the rug. I have chondrosis and a pillow under my neck very much helps. With unaccustomed Kolko, and then I even fall asleep. I think sleep's even better. Fully correspond to the description.

  136. R***r

    Everything seems OK, but the delivery is long, somewhere 1,5 months

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  137. D***v

    Great, only on the naked body

  138. R***r

    Everything is fine.

  139. D***o

    The mat is very good, but the delivery was pumped up almost 2 months.

  140. E***

    I'm delighted with this mat! I ordered it for the second time, only for a gift. This time, the needles themselves are slightly crumpled or they are made, not the essence. Still happy! It will be necessary, I will order again from this producer. I advise you to trust!

  141. A***a

    For me, not very sharp needles. And in general, the goods are excellent. Recommend

  142. A***v

    The parcel came in time, corresponds to the description.

    no remark no remark

  143. M***a

    A good mat, earlier such took from another seller for a gift-the quality of the fabric and tailoring was better, denser. But this one is also good, took for 1130 rubles. Cover on Velcro, you can remove rinse. I'm happy, thank you.

    no remark no remark

  144. A***a

    Mat bomb! The quality is just a super cover from the pillow and the mat is removed, it is fashionable to wash neatly. Inside the mat and cushion foam. Needles are neat, even. I'm happy more than ever! Before Yekaterinburg went 1,5 months.

    no remark

  145. L***O

    Very fast. Highly recommended.

  146. R***a

    Cool thing, I order not for the first time. I took it for a gift.

  147. R***r

    Everything is fine, only very long delivery!

  148. E***a

    Great mat. Thank you

  149. A***a

    The order came for 1'5 months. Tracked. The mat came in excellent condition. Without smells and without any marriage.

  150. K***n

    Sending very very fast, very nice product, thank you to the supplier

  151. S***z

    As in the description and has arrived in 11 days. Whether it works or not, time will tell.

  152. A***a

    Great mat

  153. C***c

    I order 4 times, everything is super

  154. E***a

    Chic rug. All quality

  155. T***a

    The parcel was 52 days! For a very long time.

    no remark

  156. A***a

    Everything came Super, not fast, Neo goods are happy.

  157. M***a

    It was 2 months before Krasnoyarsk. Although before that I ordered 2 times and came in a month. Track tracked. The quality is excellent, so I ordered re-friends) the seller replied!

    no remark

  158. K***n

    Very long went the goods, almost 2 months. But everything came, the main thing is that the tracking, the quality is good, the needles sharp will try

    no remark

  159. A***V

    The product corresponds to the description (MAT, pillow, cover). Fast delivery to Samara: 2 weeks. Price at the time of purchase 1100. The price of a similar mat in Samara is 2000 rubles. Recommend seller

  160. M***A

    Great! The cover is very helpful, do not save, otherwise it will roll

    no remark

  161. O***a

    Very good mat.

    no remark

  162. P***m

    Sensationally fast shipping. Goods consistent with the description. Zamawiałam next time. Recommend!

  163. E***o

    Great!! With roller, the price is very good! It is executed qualitatively, the covers are removable, very satisfied!! Recommend 100%. Reached a month in Rostov-on-Don

  164. S***v

    The goods were delivered in 4 weeks. Thank you to the seller for the excellent work!!! I recommend it to everyone!

  165. V***a

    Very long delivery! 1,5 months! And so the goods are happy, tried, the feeling is high!

  166. K***o

    Super, the quality is good, the cover is also norms. Delivery to Moscow for a little more than a month

    no remark no remark no remark

  167. R***r

    Very good quality! All as in the picture. They delivered to Russia within a month. All covers are removable.

    no remark

  168. K***a

    Everything is exactly as in the photo of the seller, sewn well, inside the pillow and the lounger soft filler. At the first use is unusual and not pleasant, but then fell asleep on this rug. Delivery fast about 2 weeks

    no remark

  169. M***a

    The mat is moderately prickly, very comfortable on it to lie on

  170. F***f

    In general, a good mat, but it's not very nice to see such not even cut and thread. It went to Odintsovo (MOS. OBL) one and a half months.

    no remark no remark

  171. V***v

    Chic mat, did not even expect that such will overlap almost the entire back

    no remark

  172. G***a

    In Surgut there was a pasylka for 45 days. That's what four stars put on. And so everything is super

    no remark

  173. E***a

    A good mat, the needles are not very sharp, but are located diagonally as on old applicators Kuznetsov.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  174. N***k

    Good quality for this money. Its function performs. Delivery 4 weeks.

  175. M***e

    Good Goods. Quality sewing. If you just lie on a pillow with a mattress, then I lack the sharpness of spikes, but walking very well, they say, such a massage as it affects the rise of female energy.

  176. O***o

    Excellent mats!!

  177. A***a

    I came 40 days to St. Petersburg. All OK. The same as in our pharmacy. No smell. Thank you.

  178. D***n

    Nice mat. I lay half a minute, and on my back for 5 minutes like heat and straight I feel a rush of blood. I think I'll throw it in a sausage and I'll use it under my neck, too. Or maybe you lie your head, so that your hair grows better)))))

    no remark no remark

  179. J***s

    good for money

  180. R***r

    Looks great, while I tried in a T-shirt, everything is fine))

    no remark

  181. M***a

    Wonderful set.

  182. A***a

    Wonderful mat! Delivery to Moscow for 6 days!!! In the pillow I generally fell in love with a long car journey relieves fatigue from the back and neck. We decided to buy the whole family of such "travelers". Separate joy is a bag. Everything is easy to fit and compactly removed.

  183. S***a

    Excellent massage mat

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